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Chef B comes from Serbia, a small country in the Balkan area of Eastern Europe, where love of life goes hand in hand with the love of good food, and where cooking has traditionally been considered a women’s domain. As a child, Chef B enjoyed closely watching his mother prepare a wide variety of delicious dishes and desserts for the entire family. After completing a Sports Academy with the highest honors, Chef B came to America to start a new life. This is when he had to start cooking for himself and when he developed an interest in exploring the world of food preparation. More and more as time passed, Chef B would often share his newly developed passion with friends and the many guests that would visit his home. Encouraged by the positive feedback and driven by his passion, Chef B decided to earn a degree at the Art Institute of Washington. He enjoyed every single class he took there and earned the highest grades and recommendations by world renowned chefs. After graduation he developed his skills and refined his taste working in Masseria, one of the top restaurants in DC area. Today, Chef B lives out his dream by sharing his love of food and Balkan fusion dishes with many who find themselves in the DC area.

Meet the Chef

Chef B


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